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RLS Associates is a firm dedicated to improving the management and profitability of work organizations. The firm helps companies develop customer-centered strategies for achieving their goals -- through market sensitivity, effective management practices, and streamlined work processes. RLS brings employees and management together to evaluate their organization's strengths and weaknesses, better understand their markets, set goals for the future, and develop the skills and conditions necessary for successful implementation. The services RLS provides its clients include:

Strengthening Teams - Helping Them Thrive Through Change

Organizational Change Facilitation

A partial list of RLS Associates' recent clients includes University of Michigan Hospitals, Northwestern Mutual Life, Massachusetts Mutual Life, Ford Motor Credit Company, Ford Motor Company, New Holland Credit, The State of Michigan, Michigan State Medical Society, Michigan State University, Michigan Automotive Compressor, Prakken Publications, The Environmental Protection Agency, and Libbey-Owens-Ford. RLS has also provided some unique services to manufacturing companies, including

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